What Is This Site?

Feed Daily is a visual feed of some of our favorite food blogs. If you love to read food blogs like we do then this site is for you. It was started as a means to browse lots of blogs at once to find topics/recipes that are of interest. It’s hard to do this using a search engine because you can end up on sites that weren’t really what you were looking for.

The site is also designed to give bloggers some additional exposure. Bloggers are creating some wonderful content online, but it’s often hard to find and doesn’t get promoted the way it could.  We use snippets of the blogger’s posts and thumbnails of their delicious photos to entice users to visit their sites. We do not republish their recipes here, that is their hard work and you should visit their sites to view them. Our job is to help make their content easier to find, not to repurpose it. When we tweet about a post, the link goes right to the blogger’s site – not back to Feed Daily like some other aggregator-type sites do. Our social media buttons within the posts link to the blogger’s site as well. We’re not here to promote Feed Daily, we’re all about the delicious blogs.

Why “Feed Daily”?

The original concept for Feed Daily dates back to 2005 and credit goes to Brent Whitmore of CDKitchen.com. He wanted a site that would aggregate foodie news. This was before blogs were as mainstream as they are now. The site ended up being put on the perpetual back burner while other CDKitchen projects took priority.

Jump ahead to 2013. Valerie Whitmore, the founder of CDKitchen, starts blogging on CDK and includes a Foodie Friday feature that showcases some of her favorite food blog finds. Due to restrictions on what blogs she could feature she decides to finally move Feed Daily to its own home and change Foodie Friday into an everyday event.